By on Dec 8, 2017


Hotel Feasibility Studies & Consulting

We assist developers, landowners and other
investors to arrive at the most viable decision for
their hotel projects, whether green or
brown-fields. We draw our clients from a
community of private individuals, business
organisations and public institutions. Public and
Private Partnership (PPP) projects in the tourism
sector are a focus area for our company.

Hotel Market Studies & Research

We conduct hotel market studies for distinct
markets for once-of transactions and facilitate
primary and secondary research for strategic
decision-making and future-proofing purposes.



Equity Structuring

In conjunction with other specialists we help
High Net Worth Individuals and other equity
investors with the South African Revenue
Services’-approved (SARS-approved) Section
12J Structure. Hotels are the only property
class that qualifies for this investment incentive.


Hotel Brokerage Services

We bring together buyers and sellers of hotel
property and help negotiate a satisfactory
transaction between the counter-parties.
Hotel Management Agreement Negotiation
Hotel Management Agreements are usually very
long-term in nature. We help the client to
negotiate a win-win agreement with the hotel
operator and provide a reasonable assurance
that this relationship between the parties will be
a mutually profitable one.

Hotel Valuation Services

We provide an opinion of value service for
existing assets for owners, prospective investors
and lenders.




Hotel Operator Search & Selection

We help with an independent search and
selection process and provide the assurance that
the hotel operator that has been chosen is the
best one for the property.



Hotel Development Management Services

We stand in as your client representative to
facilitate a seamless information flow to and from
the project team to ensure that the agreed
development goals and objectives are met.