Sep, 2011

Spatial Planning And Land Use Management Draft Bill – Stages To The Act

By on Sep 28, 2011

Further to my earlier post, I have had a discussion with Gavin Benjamin at the Department of Rural Development about the Bill. The Bill is under pressure to have become enacted by June 2012. This is because the Development Facilitation Act will cease to exist then, and as a result a replacement Act will have to be operational. Subsequent to current stage of comments, the Amended Bill will be approved by the Minister, after which it will be presented in the National Assembly. The National Assembly will then conduct its own Public Participation exercise and forward it to the National Council Of Provinces, which will in turn conduct its own Public Participation exercise. After this stage the the Final Amendment will then be presented to Parliament for a final debate for the President to sign it into law. The timing seems very tight indeed. Should you require any further details please do not hesitate to contact Gavin on 012-312-9328.